TCC-1100 Link Belt Crane

Link Belt crane

At the ICUEE demo show, in Louisville, Kentucky, Link Belt crane is showing its newly launched, 110USt (100t) TCC-1100 telescopic crawler crane. The company also plans to demo the Link-Belt Pulse total crane operating system.

Both the crawler and the operating system were introduced earlier in 2011 at ConExpo in Las Vegas, but ICUEE will give customers to get a more ‘hands-on’ view of their features.

Link-Belt crane decribes the Pulse system as “far more than just a rated capacity limiter”. It includes a boom extend mode controller (EMC), self-diagnostic capabilities, and continuous monitoring of multiple crane functions and conditions.

As a rated capacity limiter, it shows maximum allowable load, load on hook, and crane geometry. It warns of an approaching overload or two-block condition and shuts down relevant operations when necessary. It also monitors wind speed and warns the operator with a visual alarm. Pre-settable alarms can also assist in avoiding obstructions on the job site.

For boom operation, Link-Belt Pulse clearly animates the boom’s mode of extension. All information for telescope operation can be accessed and viewed in real time.

Link Belt crane says it worked extensively with customers to make sure that diagnostic functions are simple to understand. They show repair faults in all areas including sensor data. Faults are indicated by a short message rather than an undecipherable code and, with the press of a button, the system gives further information about the fault and how to clear it.

The TCC-1100 is designed for reliability with the general contractor or bare rental fleet owner in mind. The TCC-1100 telecrawler has already been sold around the world, Link Belt said, adding that while it is a telescopic crawler, it can rival even lattice crawler cranes with a comparable base rating. Optimised for easy transport, the TCC-1100 crawler requires only four truckloads to transport, the company said.

Made of ultra high-strength steel, the full power boom is formed in Link Belt’s own facility. Reaching 150ft (45.7 m) long, the main boom includes Teflon wear pucks, which can eliminate boom grease.

Fly options are a 31–55ft (9.4–16.7-m) three-piece bi-fold lattice fly, and a 10ft (3m) heavy-lift fly. Integral to fly options onboard, the heavy-lift fly may swing and pin into position.

All of Link-Belt’s flies for this crane offset to 2, 15, 30, and 45 degrees.

The crane is designed for easy transport. The main load weighs under 90,000lb (40.8t) and, upon the trailer, reaches 12’8” (3.86 m) high and measures 10’6” (3.2 m) wide. All of its overflow loads weigh under 44,500lb.

Reaching the site the crane may, with the help of a remote control, deploy the car body outrigger jacks. The crane with outriggers extended sits wide for added stability as a self-assembly platform.

Link Belt TCC 1100 Axles are tapered to allow the sideframes to be easily installed, and the 50,000lb (22 679.6-kg) counterweight is mounted to the upper using Link-Belt’s patented HSL lattice crane system for counterweight removal.

Adding flexibility for small jobsites, the TCC-1100 may work at three track gauges: 19ft (5.8 m) fully extended, 14.4ft (4.4 m) intermediate, and 12ft (3.7 m) retracted.

The TCC-1100 can travel at two travel speeds, up to 1.7mph. It is powered by a 320hp Tier IV Cummins QSL engine, driving a variable displacement piston pump package. Operator controlled valves distribute flow to all functions.

“Smooth, powerful and easy to move, this crane will see work in tough environments as well as general lift duties. Given a telescopic crawler’s uncanny ability to perform where no other crane can, the potential for the TCC-1100 is unlimited,” said Jeff Schmidt, publicity representative for Link-Belt.

*Article from Cranes Today Magazine*

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